Regina Egle Liotta Catrambone

Born and raised in Southern Italy, Regina joined her husband Christopher in devoting their skills to create Tangiers Group, their family business, where she is currently a member of the Board of Directors. In 2008, she moved to Malta with Christopher and their daughter Maria Luisa and began to oversee the administrative and financial operations of the company.

Tangiers is a growing organization that connects insurance products, emergency medical assistance, travel and claims management services to individuals and groups all over the world. The company operates a network of insurance carriers, field personnel and service providers across 52 countries in 50 languages, with more than 100 team members.

In addition to medical claims management and emergency medical assistance, Tangiers now offers insurance underwriting, risk management and brokerage services.

Regina is also a co-founder and the director of the search-and-rescue organization MOAS. Inspired by the terrible shipwreck that took place off Lampedusa in 2013, Regina and Christopher founded the Migrant Offshore Aid Station in April 2014. MOAS uses a 40-metre vessel with a clinic, dinghies, and search drones, as well as a highly-specialized crew, trained volunteers, medical and rescue staff to alleviate the needless suffering and death of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Dedicated to mitigate the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable migrant and refugee  communities, MOAS is currently working in Bangladesh to provide emergency medical care and assistance to Rohingya refugees fleeing from violence and persecution in Myanmar. In October and November 2017 two primary healthcare centres -called Aid Stations- were established in Shamlapur and Unchiprang. Most of our patients are women and children who are exposed to malnutrition, communicable and water-borne diseases.

Through our vital programmes at sea and on land, MOAS has rescued and assisted over 100,000 people since its inception.

As the MOAS project grew and demanded more and more time, she stepped out of her daily role at Tangiers, remaining involved with the company within the Board of Directors. When not fundraising and speaking on behalf of MOAS, she participates in the rescue operations themselves.

In founding MOAS, the Catrambone family hoped that their humanitarian initiative would inspire others globally, and help to dispel what Pope Francis called the “globalization of indifference”.

Regina strongly believes that entrepreneurs can play a relevant role in solving the current humanitarian crisis through innovation and creativity, with an eye as to how to react in the most efficient way. The world needs courageous entrepreneurs who have both the resources and vision to face current challenges. She is convinced that the combination of entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian approach can achieve great results, as proved by MOAS and Tangiers.

Regina has been awarded with the following prizes: Order of Merit from President of Republic (Italy) in 2015; San Giorgio d’oro (2016) and Premio Mamma Lucia ‘Donne Coraggio’ in 2015.

Together with her husband Christopher she has received the following awards: Global Citizen Forum Award 2015; 100 Global Thinkers of 2015 – Foreign Policy Award and Premio internazionale della bontà in 2015.

MOAS has been awarded as follows: Hero Award 2017 (International Maritime Rescue Federation, Category Team for Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation); Atlantic Council Freedom Award (2017); New European of the Year 2016; Special 112 Award by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) 2016; Geuzen Medal 2016 – Geuzenpenning Foundation; Peter Serracino Inglott Award for Civic Engagement 2015; Medal of the Republic (Malta) 2015; Medical Bridges 2015; Tangent Link SAR 2015.

Regina’s story as a co-founder of MOAS has been covered by the international press. Worth mentioning are the following articles published by Knack; DPA; Der Spiegel; Wired June & November 2016; The Independent; Azure; CNN; BBC; Famiglia Cristiana; La Repubblica; Corriere della Sera e Avvenire.