“Fear is the path to the dark side. No Fear, No Anger, No Hate leads to Happiness and Love”


I deeply believe we must restore mercy to our society, our universal brotherhood, our empathy, which can overcome all barriers and reveal the true nature of men and women. As human beings we all share hopes, dreams, fears and wishes. In light of this we cannot be indifferent and passive in the face of suffering in those around us.


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Reading Time: 4 minutes @ Riace Non Si Arrende, Nancy Polo, 2019 This illustration is made to commemorate an heroic act of common sense and humanity. As the sun’s dying light glimmers across the......

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I believe in social business and philanthropy. I am actively connected to different humanitarian projects. Together with my husband, we created MOAS and Tangiers Group, our family business, where I am currently a member of the Board of Directors


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“The human species — we, in short — had the potential to construct an enormity of pain, and that pain is the only force created from nothing, without cost and without effort. It is enough not to see, not to listen, not to act”
Primo Levi

“Omnia munda mundis; coinquinatis autem et infidelibus nihil mundum, sed inquinatae sunt eorum et mens et conscientia”